Première mondiale aux Talinn Black Nights en Estonie

Torino Film festival "Balon" remporte le prix Ghandi pour la contribution du film au dialogue et à la tolérance.


un film de PASQUALE SCIMECA, 2017

Genre: Drame
Langues: Anglais
Sous-titres: Anglais - Français
Durée: 94 min
Format tournage: numérique
Ratio: 2.39
Pays: Italie - Maroc
Année: 2017
Production: Arbash -Rai Cinema - A2L Production
Format projection: HD CAM - DCP


Amine and her sister Isokè live in a poor village of Sub-Saharian Africa. One day predators attack the village, burn their home and kill parents and brothers. Left alone, the two children flee to the north of the desert, where they are rescued by a couple of archaeologists who take them to Libya. They are captured by a militia, they experience imprisonment, violence and slave work, until they succeed in getting on a boat that drives the anchor towards the unknown...


Réalisateur: Pasquale SCIMECA
Auteurs: Pasquale SCIMECA
Musique: --
Image: Duccio CIMATTI
Son: Maximilien GOBIET .
1er assistant real: Christian BONATESTA
Montage: Francesca BRACCI
Casting: David KOROMA - Fatmata KABIA - Raffaella ESPOSITO - Vincenzo ALBANESE
“The forced journey escaping from Africa, and the voluntary one returning to Morocco, offer a complementary glance on a crucial theme that no European citizen can ignore. People, beloved ones, stories rendered with drama and lightness where too often we meet only numbers and stereotypes.”
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