Première mondiale aux Talinn Black Nights en Estonie
Torino Film festival "Balon" remporte le prix Ghandi pour la contribution du film au dialogue et à la tolérance.



Genre: Drame
Langues: Anglais
Sous-titres: Anglais - Français
Durée: 94 min
Format tournage: numérique
Ratio: 2.39
Pays: Italie - Maroc
Année: 2017
Production: Arbash -Rai Cinema - A2L Production
Format projection: HD CAM - DCP


Amin and his sister Isoke’ live in a village of poor people in Sub-saharan Africa. One day, a band of predators attack the village, burn their home, and kill parents and brothers. Left alone, the two children flee north to the desert, where they are rescued by a couple of archaeologists who take them to Libya. Here they are captured by a militia, after months of imprisonment, of violence and work as slaves, they succeed in getting on a boat that drives the anchor towards the unknown...


Réalisateur: Pasquale SCIMECA
Auteurs: Pasquale SCIMECA
Musique: --
Image: Duccio CIMATTI
Son: Maximilien GOBIET .
1er assistant real: Christian BONATESTA
Montage: Francesca BRACCI
Casting: David KOROMA - Fatmata KABIA - Raffaella ESPOSITO - Vincenzo ALBANESE
“The forced journey escaping from Africa, and the voluntary one returning to Morocco, offer a complementary glance on a crucial theme that no European citizen can ignore. People, beloved ones, stories rendered with drama and lightness where too often we meet only numbers and stereotypes.”
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